Can you use the ITUNES site to download songs to the Santa Fuze ??

Not without a lot of extra effort. The songs on iTunes have two basic problems:

  1. They’re in a format that the Fuze doesn’t support.

  2. Most of the songs have DRM, making them unplayable on anything but iPods. A small percentage are ‘iTunes Plus’, which doesn’t have the DRM but is still in the incompatible format.

To  put these on a Fuze, you typically will need to burn them to an audio CD, then re-rip them to MP3. You have to change iTunes’ import format for this to work. It will reduce the quality some, but it usually isn’t all that noticeable.

I would recommend’s MP3 store, and/or for compatible music.

As bdb said, the native iTunes format is incompatible with…well, just about every other player out there.  Doubly so if the song is DRM’ed.  There are a couple programs out there that can strip the DRM from the song and convert it to MP3 format, but the legality of such actions is dubious at best.

I second the Amazon suggestion.  The MP3 quality is very good, and they have a very large selection.  The Amazon downloader is small and not all that annoying and doesn’t offer to manage your entire library…just downloads your songs to where you specify and then waits until you want more music.

Plus, Pepsi and Amazon have a thing going on right now where you collect points and use them at the Amazon online store.  One MP3 file is 5 points.  Not a bad deal if you can get your friends to give you their caps…

Have a great day!