Can I access a single downloaded song?

Ok, I may be dense but in all the discussions I see about the various MP3 players I can’t seem to find a very clear answer to my question -  can I download a bunch of songs and later access (easily) a single one of them to play?

Here’s the deal.  I’m a newbie to MP3 - I just want a simple one that I can download some songs and other instructive stuff from internet that I can later play in my classroom (I’m a teacher).   And I think I’ll need something that can be attached to some mini-speakers to, right?   Will clip to the trick or should it be a higher level Sansa?   Which little speaker for THIS specific purpose?   Thanks. . .


you should be able to use a pair of speakers with any MP3 player. Some speakers require external power, and generally speaking they provide a better sound.

The most important thing about downloaded song is whether it has a proper tag showing the name of artist,album, etc.

Every song could be easily found under Song list with “Clip”. No proper tag, then it is listed under “Unknown” album. The Clip does not recognize the folders you create with Windows Explorer.

If you check to see what type of speakers are the best with “The Clip”, you could get some ideas.

remember, wave files will take a lot of space on Clip. But, you could easily convert them into mp3’s with any media player such as Itunes,Yahoo, etc.

The Best luck to you and the students.

Thanks for your helpful reply, Stepk.   You said a song can easily be found if tagged correctly - but can you describe easily?   I get that maybe there’s a little screen and I can call up “songs” somehow (how?) and then will I see a list of the different songs I’ve downloaded and then be able to scroll to and click on the one I want?  

That wouldn’t be too difficult I guess.  But, another question, what level MP3 player do I need if I want to access a single song even more quickly -  say entering some words of title etc.?

When an mp3 player has a screen, you simply choose music over other options. Then scroll among artist, album, sont, genre. Whatever you prefer. Now, the file (song) names could get complicated if they are not tagged properly. Imagine you have 100 songs from different performers listed under “Songs”. It would be a nightmare to scroll thru that list to picks songs! on the other hand, with properly tagged songs, you could choose Genre to make list shorter (assuming you have diiferent type of music.)

With Ipod shuffle, which has no screen, it is difficult to choose what you want to hear. unless you like to shufle everything.

When you choose a player, check good web sites (amazon, pcmagazine,pcworld, etc.) to compare. avoid cheap unknown brands.