Brand new Sandisk ULTRA USB 3.0 Flash Drive 32GB now has 105 MB after installing kali linux on it

So, I screwed up.

I was trying to install kali linux on this drive but i screwed up, I couldnt boot from the usb. So I looked in the disk management and found this. I screenshot this after i tried to format the flash drive with fat32 which resulted in this. And yes, I have tried to right click and do the “new single volume” but it is greyed out. So I have no idea how to fix this. Should I return it and get a new one or is there anything I can do myself? Thanks in advance. Skjermbilde1.PNG

do you have the option to delete volume for the partition that is on the drive? If so delete the partition so the entire drive is unallocated. Once that is done recreate the partition and format the drive. 

if that is not an option you can try the HP Disk storage format tool just do a google search for that it is a free download. Use that to format the drive. the HP disk storage format tool can sometimes fix issues like this. 

I installed the software and I selected the usb, when i click start it tells me that I will lose all data, I press “yes” but then an error message pops up: Failed to format the device. Any solution for that?

I dont really know what I did but I got it working

glad you got it working again.