Bootable CFC

Hi All

Have been using CFC’s for many years to boot Industrial machines.

Then there was a change where some CFC’s were not bootable, so I migrated to

Transcend Industrial.

Now it appears these are disappearing.

I have searched the site looking for an answer but can’t get any hit.

So, can SKS please tell me which of the Sandisk CFC’s are guaranteed bootable ?

Typically I use 2 gB, but this size also appears to be going south.

I use WinImage to simply write my image to the CFC, and use Industrial CPU boards with an on board CFC slot.


if you are talking about Compact flash cards, sandisk does not offer any industrial grade CF card any longer and the retail cards are not supported as bootable devices. you would probably need to look at a different manufacturer. 

Thank you for your prompt response.