Blue and Purple 8GB for $60 w/ship

Guys, this is about the cheapest you’ll find the 8GB Fuze+ for, even on eBay.

On Friday I bought a blue 8GB from Amazon for $47.81 shipped.  You’ve gotta watch Amazon for bargains.  A few days before that the same blue 8GB was $53 and change, shipped.  The prices change a lot.  The $48 price was gone the next day.

Today’s low Amazon prices are $60 blue, $58 purple, both 8GB.  From watching last week’s Amazon Fuze+ pricing, it’s a good bet that very soon you’ll see better prices than those.

Edit to add Amazon Fuze+ search link.

I got mine for exactly 47.81 like you.   Blue is good.  unfortunetly it’s gonna be coming by smartpost.