Battery issues on a New looking Sansa Fuze+

Has anyone seen any issues with Sansa Fuze+ battery meter wise?.. on one of my Fuze+'s that I bought “used-like new” it SEEMS to be decharging almost faster OFF then when I am using it. I really can’t tell if it’s ACTUALLY decharging or if the meter itself that is off. I did have one issue where it didn’t even turn on plugged into a PC or on most of my wall chargers, but somehow got it to start up enough so I could charge it … I DONT WANT to return this one … i figured maybe sitting there even in good condition maybe the battery needs to be recalibrated or something.

I am worried about that not starting up thing but I’d be happy … even if not the most convient thing if it lasted between charges, as long as the one I bought a few years back and caused me to fall in love with the Fuze+. I DO admit that I usually Rockbox my Fuze+'s but the battery level seems to be dropping faster on stock or Rockbox firmware.

I am not even sure (since it technically works) the seller would take it back without a fee/charge … in that case I’d take my losses and maybe I could at least use it in it’s condition … if it wasn’t for the thing about it not even starting up enough to START charging … I’d think maybe the (either firmware) battery “meter” is just off and that’s it