Battery issues on a New looking Sansa Fuze+

Has anyone seen any issues with Sansa Fuze+ battery meter wise?.. on one of my Fuze+'s that I bought “used-like new” it SEEMS to be decharging almost faster OFF then when I am using it. I really can’t tell if it’s ACTUALLY decharging or if the meter itself that is off. I did have one issue where it didn’t even turn on plugged into a PC or on most of my wall chargers, but somehow got it to start up enough so I could charge it … I DONT WANT to return this one … i figured maybe sitting there even in good condition maybe the battery needs to be recalibrated or something.

I am worried about that not starting up thing but I’d be happy … even if not the most convient thing if it lasted between charges, as long as the one I bought a few years back and caused me to fall in love with the Fuze+. I DO admit that I usually Rockbox my Fuze+'s but the battery level seems to be dropping faster on stock or Rockbox firmware.

I am not even sure (since it technically works) the seller would take it back without a fee/charge … in that case I’d take my losses and maybe I could at least use it in it’s condition … if it wasn’t for the thing about it not even starting up enough to START charging … I’d think maybe the (either firmware) battery “meter” is just off and that’s it

well a little update … it was too late to get the refund on the first unit (cost me $30 or so) … however the seller gave me a refund on BOTH of the other 4GB units totalling about $49 … I feel better having 3 iffy Fuze+'s for say about $30 rather than three for $80 … I have not messed with either blue one (the two i got a refund on and the seller said he doesn’t want them back so “keep them or discard them”) but the black one that I got first seems off … EVERYTHING seems fine … no odd noises or behavior OTHER then (i use them Rockbox’ed but even the OF says the same % issue) the battery METER being way off it seems … like the original one I got will just display “low battery” (rockbox) when say at 7% left … i went for a 3 or so mile walk with this black one at “5% left” and changing songs/checking battery during walk it’d go up to say “16% left” … there is no extra heat @ where the battery is … or bulging in the player

I have tried to run it down until it only shows the low battery message (the issue where it was so low it wouldn’t come on with “fiddling” with different chargers and only one charger that I have, hasn’t come back) and completely charged it up but it never seems to reach above about 95% according to the meter (my GOOD Fuze+ from years ago never does either for the record … i can use it for days with having to charge it … say 1 1/2 hours per-day) … but while i cant trust any of these 3 players long term … the black one i have used the most of the bunch … seems to be holding a charge alot longer than what the meter indicates.

I expect these to all goof up sooner rather than later (I have other players including that old Fuze+ … I just see good ones at a good price are hard to find … hence my purchases) … so if they do last … even just one of the three … for say a total of $30 … I am happy.

if the seller wanted the other two back … of course i’d have sent them back. They all seem to have the same issue… but are usuable for now.