Odd behavior from a used Sansa Fuze+

I recently got an 8GB Sansa Fuze+, already having one and I am noticing odd behavior … I’d rather not send it back to the seller but I may have to.

I do admit I usually use Rockbox on the good player, but what I am about to describe happens with Rockbox OR default firmware.

The battery meter (telling you how much charge is left) seems to be all over the place and I cant explain it if i didn’t see it with my own eyes …say the charge is somewhere (each shut off and start up it’s different) … near 35% … if i leave either firmware (just saying it happens on either, here) … about 4 minutes later it will say 50% … It took awhile but i ran it all the way down (saw someone mention in these forums that may “reset” the battery meter (what i am calling it) … but now it is not charging or at least it thinks it’s not charging and is stuck at 7% say in Rockbox but as I said i think the meter (or maybe that is a sign of a dying battery?) is off … .because now it can turn on unlike before at “7%” … but it just THINKS there is no charge.

I have typically gone with Sansa Mp3 players and i have a few in use … including another Fuze+ … which i love and was the reason i took a shot on this one with the issue … I have NEVER seen this sort of thing happen before … like when i leave it on for a few minutes on either firmware … the “charge indicated” goes UP … it would make sense to be the other way around, but not this.

One last thing … before when it was at between “30 and 50%” (as I said i am not sure WHERE the charge was really … EVERYTHING on either firmware worked and played a-ok … the condition cosmetically is GREAT too … but it’s this fishiness from the charging port or battery/battery-meter that makes me feel i cant trust this “long term” to last.

Thank you all for any help or input you can give