audio speed

Yo! SanDisk is there away to play audio books at a faster rate. At current rate only my now 2 year old will finish a single book when he is age 20.

p.s. great product!

With firmware version 29 (out 2 days ago; get it here), there is a “fast” option for audiobooks and podcasts (I haven’t tried it yet, tho).

the feature plays about 1.5-2x faster than the original speed, but the pitch will be raised. same for the slow rate, but opposite (speed slower and pitch lowered).

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The pitch changes with the speed, just like varying the pitch control on the open-reel tape deck.

I prefer the digital version, where the pitch is kept the same by stitching short samples of the realtime signal (and pitch) together.  The result sounds like the actor in the old FedEx commercials (remember those?).

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: