any luck with WMA's on the Clip plus?

Even though the Owners manual says that only 256K is supported for WMA’s, my 320K WMA play fine. HAS anyone else had luck with this?? I know there arent alot of WMA fans out there, but if you have to go lossy and you have can’t use ACC (Windows7 doesn’t play nicely with these on my PC, when I burn at 320K, and with various rippers and burn software, I get most of these files that read 321 or higher, and then of course they wont transfer to my players). WMA is the way to go. I am sure that my wma are playing at 320 as my info on the player tells me .wma and bitrate at 320. Did Sandisk release newer firmware for this since the orginal manuals were printed.???

i don’t think there’s a new firmware out yet. But try to stay away from WMA, if it’s feasible for you to use mp3, I would use that instead.

Any device that supports WMA Standard will play any bitrate WMA standard file. There is no meaningful difference between different bitrates as far as the decoder is concerned. Its all the same. What won’t play is any other WMA flavor besides “Standard”: that means “Professional”, “Voice”, and “Lossless” won’t work (although technically rockbox on the Clip will play “Professional”).