Any alternatives to Rhapsody Premiere Plus for a Sansa player?

I’ve had several Sansa devices over the past 7 years, using them with the Rhapsody Premiere Plus (formerly Rhapsody to Go) monthly subscription service. Unfortunately Rhapsody hasn’t evolved much over the years and doesn’t seem to be trying very hard anymore. Has anyone here had a good experience with another similar service that allows for unlimited album downloads to the Sansa so that I can take them wherever I go?  I’ve looked and can’t find any. I’d rather not use my phone, stream someone else’s playlists or listen to commercials. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, you’re stuck with Rhapsody.   Services like Spotify are Apple (or Android phone) only.

I’d wait for some time, there will be something that’s free that will suddenly pop up.

Yeah, right. Don’t hold your breath waiting.