Answer: Card reader not being detected by the PC

I found this on SanDisk’s site and thought that I would paste it out here so that it might help many of you.  Go to the link below for more but that is the computer systems which it supports.  I can tell you that it also works on Windows 10.  Mine is currently connected to and running on win10.  I plugged it in, and had trouble. After a reboot or two things straightened out. It is reading all of the card drives.  I did look at device mngr, tried scanning for new hardware or hardware changes, etc and that did not help, unless doing that plus plugging it in with a card in it with the one or two reboots afterwards did the trick.  Hope it helps someone.

SanDisk card readers support  Windows VistaWindows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4, Windows 7.
Mac users there is a link there too