An MP3 Player with Bluetooth

If they can make phones that play through a bluetooth why not an MP3 player.  I get tired of catching my earphone cord on stuff while I’m working.  It would really nice to be completely free of wires.  How many of you are having the same problem?

Bluetooth eats up plenty of power. Some mp3 players with bluetooth get only half the run time when blutooth is enabled. Bluetooth also lowers the sound quality, as it involves transmitting and reciving the signal. It would also mean a higher price, and probably a larger sized player. Sometimes too much technology is counterproductive.

Having the best sound quality isn’t so important for a phone, as human voices are in a narrow band of frequencies.

YOu could just get a Clip and mount it right on the phones.

Someone help me out here.  Isn’t there some kind of technology that allows data or some kind of signal to be transfered over your skin?  So as long as you’re physically touching the player it would be transfered to your [seemingly] wireless headphones.  I don’t expect such a thing to be cheap though.

@peregrine wrote:

I really like their ‘gadget model’ galleries.  Most excellent.  What were we discussing?

I believe the original topic was a long the lines of something like this:

People always think sound quality can’t possibly be good without wires. No matter the medium. I personally don’t believe that.

I don’t think Bluetooth a2dp is up to the job.  Most of the reviews I’ve read are fairly ‘Meh’ about the sound quality.  It’s basically a bandwidth-limited signal, so you’re going to lose something. 

From what I’ve read, these are better.

I think it’s a great way to explore mp3 players with bluetooth. Most of the people are tired of Wires.

check this out for more information about the mp3 players. 

if mobiles are with bluetooth why not mp3 player ?

 its a great feature that mp3 player should have. checkout out more to know 

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