Alternative to the Clip Jam?

Has anyone found a good alternative to the Clip Jam that matches the featureset of the Clip Zip+ or the Fuze? The alternatives appear to be larger media players? AGPTEK has an A02, but their website doesn’t give me the confidence to risk it.

I have an A02 and in many ways it’s equivalent to the Jam except that it has a bigger and much better screen. It has many of the same problems i.e. cutting off file names and odd sorting errors but I’ve actually found myself using a lot.

It also has a restricted number of files in the Database but as I only ever use the Folder Menu this isn’t a problem for me.

As long as you download the English instructions it also has quite a lot of options but this wasn’t apparent when I first got it. For example you can choose when you turn it off if it saves a Resume position so it starts again from the same point but I was unaware of this until I came across the instructions as mine came with a “Quick Start Guide” only in German!

There is also a lock feature that’s not apparent without instructions although I’ve found I don’t need it as it sits in my pocket with no problems.

You can’t mix the Internal and External memories which is also not important to me.

Battery life is excellent but nothing like some of the claims made for it online.

I use it for Audio Books that I rip myself from the local Library so the sound isn’t so important but it sounds pretty good to me.

It really could do with one extra button as the volume button has to double up depending on how long you press it. Once I got used the system though it’s fine and I like the player more than I expected to.

You could get a Clip+ or Clip Zip and put Rockbox on it. Rockbox is a free alternative firmware that has many features. Or you could buy a Sandisk Clip Sport. As far as other brands of players, this is not the appropriate place to discuss them. Try All players have their inividual quirks and limitations. Some are heavy and bulky and have short battery life. Some don’t have a card slot. Some don’t have FM radio. Some only browse by folders.There are quite a few people who own several different players, as they don’t find any one player to be satisfying, especially for all circumstances.