Album Art: Pixel and KB Size Limits?

Hello from a total newbie whose Sansa E280 hasn’t even arrived yet.

I plan to install only MP3’s and Album Art on my E280.  No photos or videos,  just music and Album Art.

I’ve seen the video showing how to drag a jpeg named Album Art into the E280,  and it looks pretty straightforward.  I have many photo editing programs, and really don’t need another one like the Media Converter.  I’d like to use existing software to edit to the correct size required by the E280.

So, here’s my question:   What are the pixel and kb size limitations for jpeg Album Art?



i say you play with it and tell us, that would be awesome of you. You can try by converting one with the Sansa Media Converter(SMC) and increase the dimensions untill you find something suitable. This should be cake in Photoshop, too bad I dont have it installed at work or I would try this.

Hello Enigma,

My brand new, shiny e280 is here!  Love it!!  :smileyvery-happy:

Well, it turns out that Windows Media Player v11 did all the Album Art work for me automatically.  When I ripped my CD collection, WMP downloaded the correct album artwork.  So, I just used WMP’s hard work … and took the lazy way out.  No cropping or resizing was needed.  It looks like the e280 is pretty flexible as to what you feed it.  Did not have to rename the files to “Album Art.jpg”,  they worked just fine with the original WMP name “Folder.jpg”.  Most of the jpegs were 200x200 pixels, with the largest only 17 KB.  They all look great on the e280, even in the “full screen” mode, which isn’t really all that “full”. 

Have 1100 songs loaded, so I’m setting up several playlists to make things more manageable.

So far, no glitches at all. I downloaded the latest firmware before I did anything.

Looks like the Sansa Media Converter CD will stay in it’s nice paper sleeve. I’m sure it’s a big help with photos and videos, but sure not needed for a music player.

Take care,


On my e280v2, each folder.jpg must be:

  1. Baseline JPEG (not progressive)

  2. Maximum 64 KB file size

Suggested max resolution is 512 x 512 pixels (but it has handled bigger files satisfying (1) and (2).

I have not been able to download any album art to e280v1 at all.

     - Rich

@richpasco wrote:


I have not been able to download any album art to e280v1 at all.


I haven’t had any problems with any of mine. Try renaming the image file as ‘album art.jpg’ instead of ‘folder.jpg’.