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I have this problem, winamp only adds the shortcut not the file itself (giving me E:/…).

I tried adding files using ‘add’, tried copying them and norhing has changed so far. how do I get the winamp to copy the file and not just its location?

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thanks for the idea but it hasn’t worked :frowning:

I found a way to chnge the path for each song from the winamp player , yet it didn’t recognize anything on the playlist when I turned the mp3 on…

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tried that… not working…

SilverWolf wrote:
Ok, I’m able to get my Fuze to recognize that I added playlists, using playlists that I create in Winamp, however, when I open the playlist in my Fuze, it shows as completely empty. How do I get the playlists to work? I’m using Ubuntu.

Unless you use Winamp to ‘sync’ the songs in question, or othrwise transfer them to the player (drag & drop for instance), creating a playlist will only do that, create the playlist. It will not transfer the selected song files to the player.

The best way I’ve found to create the playlist in Winamp is by selecting the songs from the player’s (or card’s) memory location. Note that these instructions are based on Windows, so you’ll have to make whatever adjustment necessary for Linux.

@tapeworm wrote:

  1. Connect your player in MSC mode. 
  2. Create a new, blank playlist in Winamp. (Double-check it as I’ve found it sometimes adds your entire library to it un-announced). I usually right-click on PLAYLISTS . . .NEW.
  3. Open a Windows Explorer pane with your player’s MUSIC folder in it ( NOT your music folder/library on your computer! ).
  4. Drag’n’drop the files you want on the playlist from the Explorer window to the large playlist pane in Winamp.
  5. When finished with your playlist, double-click on the playlist name in the left pane. This will send the contents of the playlist up to the Playlist Editor pane.
  6. Click on FILE|Save Playlist. Here you will get the standard Windows SAVE box. Name your playlist again (should be the same as you named it in Winamp) and save in your MUSIC folder on your player ( NOT in the PLAYLISTS folder as you would think. This is where you get the [empty] playlists).
  7. If you have a SDHC card, you can make another playlist for music on that too. Just save it in the root directory with the music or in the MUSIC file (if you have one; I don’t).


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Note: You can not combine the music from your player’s internal memory and the SD card into a single playlist unless you convert the .m3u format that Winamp creates into .pla format. Google around; there are programs/scripts people have wrtten that will do this.


Disclaimer: Ths works for me using Winamp running Windows. You’re running Linux, so “your mileage may vary!” :smiley:


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thank you so much.
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I can confirm that the same basic procedure layed out by Tapeworm works with WMP (Windows Media Player) as well.  It seems the key is to drag the track names from Explorer from the device itself so the playlist accurately reflects their location.  Then “save-as” directly back to the device as a .M3U (in MUSIC root) rather than relying on syncing to the device.

Todd K.