64gb cruizer now shows up as 64mb firebird

I have a 64gb cruizer if i remember right but it is now showing up and a 64mb firebird. The space is set to RAW and the light stays on steady. does this mean that my drive has reached its peak? i had to preform some data recovery due to an unexpected format and it was working fine for a while. i was able to save a good bit of music and a few video files. I returned home to fine my pc running after i set it to standby and the light staying on. when i tried to do more file recovery it ejected the drive. i replaced the drive in my usb only to get a pop up stating i was required to format the drive and that its peak size was 64MB. any ideas as to how or if it is eaven dead?

I forgot to mention, it wont format. no matter what i try.

Check out this Sandisk link and see about returning the drive.


I just got back to this but the drive is over 4 years old so any worrenty is beyond void

It doesn’t cost anything to check or to try the RMA.  Some warrantees are for 5 yrs.