32gb usb cruizer - now max space is 342mb???

So I had a problem with my usb. I used it in my vehicle for music. Then I removed it, put it in my wallet and when I got back to my computer. I put it in and there’s nothing on there, says “please format this disk”. Well, no big loss, I am planning to use the usb for a linux install… so I try to install linux but it won’t go. Ok, I go into windows right click hit format. It says in windows format dialog that the space to be formatted is only 342mb. It formats… no error. But it says max space is only 342mb??? It’s supposed to be 32gb drive??? How can I fix this??? I’m out of patience as I need this for school work!

Big thank you for anyone who can help me solve this problem!

Does the drive show as only one drive letter in Windows Explorer?

Try running a CHKDSK on the drive and see what it reports.

Looks like a damaged one to me. Have you already checked if this is still under warranty?