64G extreme tf have 16MB unallocated space?

A new 64GB extreme tf-card, have 16MB unallocated space at begin part, next is 59.4GB exFAT.

who know why have 16MB unallocated space in a new card? for hide partition?or recovery software?

the 16mb space for what stay there? can i use partition magic delete it and repartition?

You might want to leave it there, anyways it’s just 16MB. If you really need to, you can do a clean partition using diskpart here.

I was looking for the answer to this as well, found this thread but without answer. So I asked Sandisk support, here is their official reply about the 16MB unallocated space :

“You may leave the 16MB unallocated space as it is. A portion of the total capacity is used to store certain functions including optimizations of the memory that support performance and endurance and therefore is not available for user storage.”

So I guess it is best to leave it that way, it may prolong the write cycles of the card.

I m facing same with 64gb sd card and its not showing in my phone what to do… ? Please suggest… In pc its showing all but not deleting and formatting… I m not be able see sd card on phone but its visible in pc but only readable…