64 gb to 32 gb, lost files

I have a Sandisk Cruzer 64gb, and within the last 3 weeks from when I last touched the usb many of my files have gone missing and the storage space is now down to 32gb. How do I recover my files and my other 32 gb of storage? Capture.PNG WIN_20180107_19_24_36_Pro.jpg

try using the reco very options of Sandisk. And if that doesn’t work, go for third party tool like Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software.

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Go to Disk Manager and you will probably see that you’ve got 2 partitions, once isn’t allowed. Delete the first partition and creat a new one to restore all your capacity.



Fred, if the USB drive has files on the 1st partition deleting the 1st partition will delete the files also.  Better to delete the 2nd partition and expand the 1st one.