32GB sdhc MICRO sd not reading and unable to format

 So i have purchased not one but 2 32 gb microSDHC  cards in the last 12 months. When i first received them they both worked beautifully. Overtime they failed to read and when they would read it was stuck on checking for errors when i tried to install it in my kindles an in any smartphone. I have attempted to erase all data from the cards manually and it refused to delete. Using a microsd card reader adapter i attempted to erase and dump the files off the sd card via a card reader in my pc. That also failed i tried scanning the sd card for malware and errors with ME and Malwarebytes and the sd cards came back clean no malware detected when trying to import all data from the cards i was able to import them and delete them from the card. Be advised that this did take a long time to do but within an hr and half the sd cards photos videos ect were imported on to the pc. I tried reformatting the sd card back to factory from the removable drive and each time it would fail. Assuming it was that i was using a different make and model card reader adapter i went and located the one that came with the cards when i purchased it when scanning the drive it came back again with all the data i had already manually deleted was back (folders) not pic those were in fact still gone. attempted to once again delete all folders and still one item which was a corrupted file kept continuosly appearing on the drive again i attempted to reformat the sd card and once again it will get all the way to the end and then crash. So I attempted to reformat the card using my computer management option an selecting the drive in there and reformatting be advised that the quick formatting option failed within seconds but the drive stated that it was healthy but it was still not readable on any device so i went with a complete reformatting not quick and still wont reformat and is unusable. Now when you go into the TS tabs for this sd card what i did of course is somewhat an option not entirely but it states that if these steps fail please submit a form to have a replacement sent to you my only issue with this is that i bought these crappy (pardon the phrase) sd cards over a year ago and spent a pretty penny on them in Walmart they want to see proof of purchase and a copy of the receipt that you purchased it. Now  if i had bought it from sears or Kmart i of course would have a copy of said receipt for crying out loud i have a copy of the receipt of PNY sd cards from kmart that i purchased in store and online but no receipt from walmart where i purchased them in store. So I have no idea how we are supposed to resolve this issue when i have worked and reformatted drives for a living cant get it to work. Has anyone tried something i havent to get these sd cards to work?

Hello, I have the exact same problem with my micro sdhc 32 gb card (nine months old and very little use), I already try everything but the information still there, I cannot delete them or format the card, I think is a manufacturing defect, if you have a solution please tell me, thank you