2 very simple questions


I want to buy this device but i cannot find anywhere the following information which is very important for me:

  • can it display long track titles in the library and/or long filenames in the folder mode (60-80+ characters long)?

  • is there a way to play 1 track from an album/folder then it stops? need to use a “quick playlist” + repeat mode off?

Thanks in advance

1.) No

2.) You could add the 1 song in question to the GoList, then play the GoList (on-board simple playlist function). It should stop after that 1 song has played.

You mean it won’t even scroll the filenames?!

My wife owns a Clip+ and it is able to do it…

The Clip Sport & Jam are very different machines than the Plus or Zip models.

Please see this thread, and particularly the response by drlucky.