16 GB disk reports 16 GB free, 8 GB used

I used 16 and a 32 GB disks (normally used for capture video) to transfer some files from desktop to laptop. After editing, I needed to xfer an 8.5 GB MPEG back. 

I deleted all the files on 16 GB disk. It now shows 16GB free, but 8 GB in use. Really.

Deleted all the files on the 32 GB (which had been almost completely full in the previous xfer operation). It shows Used space 32GB, Free Space 29.7 Used Space.

I wish I could attach the Windows Disk Properties screen shot. It boggles the mind.

I tried formatting the SD’s, to no avail.

I had no problem deleting the files on the SD’s when I xferred the files to the laptop from the desktop.

What’s going on? More to the point, how do I correct the situation?

Thanks for any enlightenment.

Chuck “My SanDisks are acting like reverse Tardises*” Puckett

"I don’t want to steal the show. I only want to borrow it for a while"


*They’re smaller on the inside than they are on the outside.

First you are in the wrong board. You should post this in the memory cards board. This is the board for SSD. 

That said are you by any chance using a MAC? If so you must empty the trash before removing the card. If you do not the FAT is updated but the data is not actually erased. You will need to use disk utility to format the card. 

If you are not using a MAC please post some screen shots. You will need to host the images on an image hosting site them link them here. Please include screen shots of the formatting process.