X400 1T SSD ????

I just bought and installed and using with fresh w10 pro64.

This is The Most Confusing and Lacking Site I have ever been on and is sad- said largest name in drives…

I tried to register my drive for warranty but its not showing on your support list- not showing a thread on the forums list either- maybe its a fake chinese counterfeit san disk drive and is no such a thing as an X400? - please explain… And I can not find the said soft ware for trimming etc… I tried to register and log on to the site and waste my time typing etc it said info not found or something stupid- who made and runs this site- whats up- its aggravating…

Now is my log in for the forums and main site the same or what?? Does anyone here speak or understand simple english… Has any one here ever heard- ‘‘keep it simple- Stupid…’’

This whole thing and site is like pulling teeth- I can return the drive and buy Samsung or something else- my first anything san disk is not fun at all- please advise… Can not chat on line with rep other than certain hours

Thanks :frowning: