Wrong translation

When I choose Swedish language one of my main menu options get called “Inspelningar” (recordings) when it should be “Inställningar” (Settings).

Cheers Harry.

Sandisk Clip Sport Mp3 player 8Gb, Firmware ver. 1.29

Good catch!  You might want to let SanDisk know directly.

Where/how do I do that?

I forwarded this thread to sandisk support. 


Upgraded to 1.36.

Still the same faulty translation :frowning:

I was surprised that such a big series mp3-player could have sutch an obvious translation fault after so many firmware releases.

Im not surprised anymore.

Thanks–called it to The Management’s attention.

In the meanwhile, think of it as a Collector’s Edition.   :wink:

The word:  to be handled with the next release . . . .