Write firmware to new micro sd card

Short version: Had wireless connect stick for about a week, was working well. This morning, I powered it on and it just flashes red\green(yellow) a few times and turns off. Connecting to a PC does the same light show but never shows up on pc (or device manager). It sounded like the SD card was kaput! I cracked er open and popped old SD card in pc and it showed 3 partitions (16mb, large exFAT partition, 16mb at the end). When I tried to format it or write files to it, it just says its read only. This indicates the SD card had failed and has gone read only?

Anyway, I popped new SD card in the sandisk device but am getting same error lights. Im assuming its looking for bootcode but cant find it on the SD. Is there any way to manually configure an SD card for use in this?