white screen when i go to play a video

whenever i go to watch a video my screen goes white and then i have to reset it. i have tried to format my player and it doesnt work. i am using the sansa media converter and it converts but when i go to play it on my fuze the screen turns white. i have a 4gb sansa fuze. what can i do to solve this problem

Message Edited by garrettbuddy on 02-05-2010 02:14 AM

have you tried converting the video into AVI format

yes i have. when it is converted to avi with SMC it will go onto my fuze then when i go to watch it my screen turns white. i have tried resetting my fuze,  redownloading the updater and SMC, and formatting and none of it works.

all of the sudden it started working so i am no longer having this problem

It’ll come back.  Intermittants are the worse of problems.


Be sure to have the latest firmware, version 31, installed.  This should help with the dreaded white screen issue.

Bob  :wink: