Where is 01.01.19?

I need my Sansa fix…es and awesome upgrades like gapless playback!  :smileyvery-happy:

Patience…it’s coming “soon”.

Can’t wait to see the new release version myself :wink:

I just had a thought: what if we all do a wave

(Having a thought of the “wave” phenomenon seen in stadiums, as a successive wave of fans stands and raises their hands.)

Well, on second thought, I’m having a second thought, a safety message:

     Be sure to put down your coffee prior to the wave!  You may shower the wife and kids.

     Be sure that, as you raise your hands, the earbud cable is not caught, or your clip will go flying!

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

Or we could all channel the development team over at SanDisk and use the power of our collective subconscious to get them to release it NOW! :wink:

Will be interesting to see.  Of course, one has to keep in mind that this is the itty-bitty Clip and this is just firmware, not a religious expperience (for most), and so one shouldn’t expect leaps and bounds.  But bookmarks would be nice (among other things) …


Not a religious experience?  Says you!  :slight_smile:

Here’s a post from Sansafix:


You’ll want to update to the new firmware when it comes out.  Wait and see…

Oh,  we wont reduce the max output of the volume,  FYI.”

Look at his words “want” and “wait”!  I think it’s a subliminal message to keep us here on this board!  :smileyvery-happy:

1.01.19 is not going to happen.

1.01.20 will be released in 24hrs…  :slight_smile:



That’s pretty exciting!  :)  We should have a countdown topic like the one I made on gamefaqs.com for the Devil May Cry 4 demo on Xbox live last night!

That’s great news, Sansafix! Thanx for letting us know!

 ask and ye shall recieve.

:: plays holy sound:: 


I like the finer battery life indicator and the GoPlayList mods!  I just made a GoList finally and I’ve owned this thing for a month!  Thx :slight_smile: