when backing up photos, I can't see picture icons , only the name of each jpeg

I moved 50 jpegs to the portable ssd and they are listed by their description. There is no way to see an icon with a thumbnail, so  in order to see what the photo looks like I click on it and it opens on the screen. In order to edit and delete photos I don’t need to save any longer, I must open each file separately and delete it separately. I don’t see a method (like windows viewer) that will let me delete quickly by clicking forward to the next item.  So, is there any option to streamline the deletion process?

this is a windows function. you have the folder view set to details. You can change the folder view in windows explorer to icons instead of details then it will show the thumbnails instead of the details. 

Thanks for reply. On the menu of the SSD under “view” you have the option of showing the “icon” and I had done that. But the icon for each photo is blank with a generic filler, with no small image of the photo.   that is the problem. As I said, you have to open each picture to see what it is. the icon doesn’t show it. And you can’t click back and forth and delete quickly. you have to open the photo to see it, and delete it and open the next one. you can’t open one in something like Microsoft Viewer and toggle back and forth. 

What OS are you using? Here is what it looks like in Windows 7. Again this is an OS option and not anything the SSD itself controls. In the SS below you can see it displays the thumbnail for the JPG files. The ARW are Sony RAW format files. This is why no thumbnail is displayed for them.