What is file dmBackup.dll ? Malware from SanDisk Cruzer Edge?

When you run RunSanDiskSecureAccess-Win.exe , the dmBackup.dll file is created in :My Vaults

According to http://www.novirus365.com/Softwareantivirus/72366.html the  DMBACKUP.DLL  file is malware.

Is this the same file or just a coincidence in name? Has anybody had a malware scanner flag this file?

I would like to be reassured.

that is a faulse detection. it is not malware i can assure you of that. 

This can be caused by the dll files dmBackup-dll to be missed or corrupt this can be caused by two files are sharing together in dll files and the error main reason cannot be shared the dll files in right manner so, saved it in an accurate manner and prevent that kind of errors.