What 3rd party app can iXpand USB use with besides Infuse?


I’m using it on my iPad Pro and it seems like the only 3rd party app that recognizes iXpand is Infuse. I tried VLC but it won’t recognize the iXpand…Do I miss something here?  My iOS is updated to 10.3.

infuse integrated the iXpand API into their app. Other apps have not done this as far as I know. You can use the share feature to share the file from the iXpand with other apps if the app you are sharing to has the share extension for iOS enabled. When this is done the file may have to be transferred to the internal memory of the phone depending what app it is and what type of file you are transferring.

Thank you. I guess I am just using Infuse for now.

I use the It’s Playing app (the Pro verson) with my iXpand and SanDisk Media Drive. I really like it.