WebDAV Support Is Buggy

Many WebDAV clients have difficulties with the Connect Wireless. For example,  newer versions of Cyberduck can connect to the device but not transfer files to or from it. Likewise, Windows 10 doesn’t seem to be able to access the drive through its built in WebDAV client (it produces an invalid folder error when trying to connect, even though the URL is valid).

I’ve had success with versions of Cyberduck (4.0 and below), the FileBrowser for iOS, and cadaver in Linux.

Why do so many clients struggle with the device? I’m hoping that future firmware updates can address this.

By the way, Cyberduck’s developers indicate that the problem is with the device not adhering to WebDAV standards:


what model wireless stick do you have, and what version of windows 10? What link are you trying to mount it with?

Im have the 64gb model, and have no issues mounting as a folder in win 10 v1607 (ent), 1809 (ent) and 2004 (home). I used “” for all 3. Also, I believe WebDav is disabled by default (much like SMBv1) on newer versions of win 10, and you will need to manually re-enable it

I have the 16gb stick with firmware 4.1.0. I’m running Windows 10 Pro version 2004. I also have a machine running Windows 10 Home with the same issue. I’m using the same link.