VLC player in app store not available

Dear all,

I tried to stream an avi file, then I got a popup, that my iphone don’t support this file type and showed me the VLC player I haven’t installed by now. After pushing the button “Take me to app store” I got a white screen.

Does anybody knows why it is so?

Or how I could use another player that is not listed in WMD Popup?


Frank (Germany)

try searching for vlc in the app store. It is available for me. It is possible the app is not available in Germany i suppose but it is available in the US.

I highly recommend another app, nPlayer, for playing videos from the WMD.  I use its ftp function to stream video and/or transfer video from the WMD completely independently of the Media Drive app.  Make sure to get the one from Newin, Inc.  I think there may be an imitator out there.

Dear TJ61,

I bought the nPlayer for 4,49 EUR and it works really good.

Thanks for this hint!


Is there any player like this on windows phone?



Glad you like it!  

Sorry, I don’t know about anything similar for Windows phone.