Vista and TakeTV problem...

Vista32 keeps trying to install driver software for my 8gb TakeTV. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find a way to tell Vista that the device does not need a driver. My Vista install works fine with my 2gb flash drive, camera, joystick and other usb devices. Also the PC in question triple boots with three different hdd, XP Pro, Ubuntu 7.10 and Vista32. I mention this because the TakeTV works fine on XP Pro and Ubuntu. So I can’t blame the TakeTV device nor the mobo, cabling etc. Any help would be appreciated.


vista still sucks… did you install it properly?

I have noticed that when I am getting ready to load files onto the USB device it will unmount from VISTA for several seconds then it remounts again.

If this is happening to you wait until it remounts again before attempting to copy files to the TakeTV.

Man, Vista is indeed Microsoft’s red headed step child isn’t it?  Are you sure Alfred E. Newman wasn’t the model?

Gotta love it, every time I see Vista stupidity, it makes me happy to be running XP.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: