Variable speed playback with pitch correction for the Fuze and Clip?

My friend, this is the NUMBER 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 thing I MOST want 

on the clip…

It is my one great disappointment that it doesn’t have it.

I’m in exactly the same situation: listen to lectures, audiobooks, podcasts…want to be able to speed up some sections to save time (or slow down others)…but find the pitch-change annoying.

It also needs to be variable: not just fast, slow and normal - but able to be changed in increments of say 2% or 5%.

You should be able to press the left or right buttons and have it change, then hit the select button to return to normal.

Al this can be implemented easily!

And frankly: SANDISK, you’re speed-change feature is incomplete until you make it possible to retain the normal pitch!

How do I know it can be implemented easily?

Because a special user-created firmware called RockBox that is used on the clip+ and other players


(The only problem is, Rockbox  does auto-resume really badly. The existing firmware is much better at this. RB does allow you to have MULTIPLE BOOKMARKS - which is great. But it DOESN’T give you the option of simply resuming at the last place you left off with just a click or two. It’s also a bit cumbersome to use in general - like many powerful programs).


Have you noticed that many of your customers are people who bought the Clip+ and other products

SPECIFICALLY ** because they are audio-book friendly?**

Implement this and you will go from popular status, to LEGENDARY, with thousands more customers!

PS Guys, I also think it might be more useful to urge sandisk to implement some of these more basic features, 

than relying on something like RockBox…

Frankly, I love my clip+ in every way, EXCEPT for the lack of this one feature

I find that RB is MUCH MORE CUMBERSOME to use.

The clip+ is FAR, FAR simpler.

I’m a student and often have to listen to lectures when I’m tired and don’t really feel like it.

I don’t want to have to deal with the complex menus of rockbox.

The clip allows me to just hit a couple of buttons and my lecture starts where I left off.

(Whereas RB makes you go down a list of bookmarks ~ this can be quite complicated if your lectures are just named after dates (eg. 2010-10-03)…and I don’t want to sit there renaming all my lectures with memorable names)



If they implement that, I will become their best salesman for free!

Apparantly having continuously variable speed playback with automatic pitch correction is rather processor intensive and hard to program for a very limited slow processor. Other device makers implement variable speed playback with automatic pitch correction on small portable devices by having play speed in just a few increments, for example, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x. I don’t mind this but would prefer a few more settings such as 1.4x, and 1.7x.

Pitch correction is a wonderful thing, especially with speech, as in podcasts and audiobooks.

The new Fuze+ does it nicely, with a different processor, but I would welcome it for the earlier machines.  At the very least, if not on the Fuze platform, the current Clip+ sure would be a welcome home for the feature.

It’s fun to listen to the extremes, with pitch corrected, as a narrator crawls through a passage very slowly.

The alternative, listening to the current “chipmunk” fast speed, is just dopey.


Bob  :smileyvery-happy: