Hello everyone, I’ve just installed ssd to my laptop (SATA3 port). And it works fine. I installed the old hdd to cd rom (SATA 2 port) case with a cd caddy and it also works fine. The problem is when I turn off the computer it shuts down the hdd unsafely. Is there any setting that I can do to stop the hdd which runs from cd rom port safely? It stops like unplugged from power. I don’t know If I could explain. Is there anybody did the same thing as I did? How is your hdd’s response? Or does it harm the hdd? 


in that case you can try to connect the hdd to the normal sata 3 port to see if the same happens with the drive. this could happen since the cd rom does not need to shut done safely since there is usually no cd inserted to safely remove, so there is no need to safely turn off the drive. 

if the drive on the normal sata 3 port turns off like this then it could be that the drive is defective. 

check it and let us know how it goes 

Hello there, thanks for the reply. Before writing it down to forum, I’ve also wrote it to support. And I’ve got the following answer which satisfies me;

"I understand that your new SSD is working just fine in your system.

Regarding the HDD, whenever you turn off the computer inside the OS(no hard reset/ shut down), all the drives connected to it always to stop working safely. There is no danger for the HDD, if you shut down the system according to the operating system instructions.

What O/S are you using exactly?


For your suggestion I can tell, I was using the same hdd in the SATA3 port which I use for SSD now. So both the Sata3 port and the hdd works fine. There is no defect. I still can use the hdd in the cd rom drive. I guess it is about the cd rom drive. As you said it does not need to shut done safely since there is usually no cd inserted to safely remove. Is there any way to turn it off safely while laptop is turning off?


in that case there is nothing you can do to prevent the cd rom sata port to shut down safely on the power off of the pc. so you will have to get used on the fact that the hdd will have all the time power losses if you check the smart attributes. 

but still if the support mentions that the hdd is safe, then you shall not worry about it and proceed with this use of the drive. 

After reading a couple times, I wonder if you go into Device manager and select the disk your having problems with, and un-check turn off write caching, the drive may then shut down safely ???

Just a guess…