Usable as MP3 storage for an Android Mobile Phone?

Hi all,

is it possible to use the Connect wireless stick to store my MP3s and play them back from an Android 6 Mobile Phone with a standard Music Player app? I couldn’t make the sticks content visible from the standard file browser yet. Is the any way to ‘mount’ it or make it otherwise accessible outside the Connect Drive app?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

I think you would need to use the connect drive app to play the music. 

Yes, thats the obvious solution, but I was hoping for a full integration into the file system.

you can retrieve data by yourself. There are programs to do that. For exampleurl=[]My Device Manager[/url] I used it few times. it’s free and it works as good as can be expected. The main thing is to stop using the external hard disk until you use this tool, and avoid writing any files to it.