Uncompressed music files ( .WAV)

I’m thinking of buying an Express and I’d like to know if it’s possible to copy and play uncompressed music files ( .WAV I think) on it. The on-line manual doesn’t say how to do it. (Yes, I know they take up a lot more space).   Thanks.

Yes, the Express plays wav files, and records wav thru the mic or fm radio.

.wav is supported but don’t think SE is capable of taking advantage of the sound quality.

Try it with headphones and let us know.


If you are interested in hi-fi quality like I am, consider a player that can play lossless files such as FLAC and APE.

50-60% less than WAV, at about 300MB per CD; average based on 18 CDs.

Thanks for the reply. Have you ever ripped a cd track to a computer in .WAV format, copied it to the Express and played it successfully? If  not, would you be prepared to try it and let me know the result? It would extremely helpful and I would be very greatful.


Best wishes.

I have compared sound quality of wav and lossless formats such as FLAC and APE using equipment that is capable of reproducing and showing up differences much more than the humble SE. 


Tests were with the help of others that include a musician friend of the family. They were bilnd listening tests and no one could tell the difference. Hard drives of huge capacities are very cheap these days. But it is because of the test we did that I chose to rip my CDs in lossless format. Many others who use hi-fi equipment for audio streaming do the same.

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I agree w/ your comments about Lossless compression but personal stereos which handle that format tend to cost more than the “humble SE”. Also, uncompressed (.WAV) sounds better than lossy MP3 especially when used w/ good quality in-canal 'phones. Therefore I shall buy an S E if it plays .WAV music files.

I have Sansa e260 which was playing wav files until recently. I ripped a CD using Windows Media Player 11  formatted with wav lossless. From “My Music” file in XP I copied the wav files into my Sansa player and they played perfectly until…

I had to format my player because of a bad file, then I went through the same process of copying the wav files onto my player as before. This time however the files are invisible to my player (though they have been copied somewhere as my free space has been reduced by the same amount as my wav files that I added). MP3 files play fine but not wav. The wav files show up on my “My Computer” - “Sansa” - Music" folder but not on my player.

Any suggestions. Do I have to look for another player if I want to play wav files (I’m willing to sacrifice some memory space to play certain albums with wav)

I haven’t yet bought an SE (see my previous messages) but I understand that it is possible to Format either from the se

I haven’t yet bought an SE myself (see previous messages) but I understand that it is possible to Format either from the SE itself or via WMP. Which did you use? I would suggest that you try the other one.

Don’t get the Sansa Express.  See my thread below:


The problem I describe seems to be fixed to some extent in the latest firmware, but not to the extent necessary to play high quality wave files.  My device can now play its own recordings better than before (but not perfectly), but I just tried playing a 44kHz 16 bit stereo PCM wave file from my computer and it became totally broken up after the display turned off.

audioman - my sansa was doing exactly the same thing - syncs .wav files which show up in Windows Explorer but not on Sansa menu.

The trick is to change the Sansa USB Mode from MSC to MTP BEFORE the sync.  If you do that, you can sync .wav files.

My Sansa Express has issues playing Wav files. They slow down and become distorted very badly. Playing mp3s works fine.

This issue (“gapped” playback) was fixed in the latest firmware (01.01.12). See the following post to obtain it:


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