Ultra class 10 VERY SLOW

My ultra class 10 32 GB card can not work with my Canon T2i when shooting a video. It always stops after 5-6 seconds.

Tested with h2testw. Turn out the write speed is only 5-6 MB/s. Reformating does not help.

Doesn’t class 10 means 10 MB/s in writing? This is cheating!

can you bechmark the card using ATTO disk benchmark and post the results?. it is a free benchmarking software. 

Transfer size 64k - 8192k, total length 64MB

Write speed ranging from 8131 to 10652, most in 8MB-9MB.

Read speed 1513 to 1601.

I am not sure how trustworthy this result is. What kind of device writes much faster than reads?

My new PNY card is on its way. Will post its result once received.

My PNY card works fine with my camera. H2testw result is 15.3MB wrie and 34.9 MB read. ’

ATTO Bech32 gives me 14 MB write, 1.5 MB read.

So please, stop blaming card readers.