U3 software?

Hi All, I’m new to SanDisk’s Forums.

Can someone please point me to a downloading U3 software forum or help?

My OS is Vista. When I click on the U3 icon I get to U3 launched. On the left side of the window I see a column heading U3 Smart Programs, under that is Skype, Daimler Sync, MacAfee Virus Scan USB and SignupShield Passwords.

At the bottom I see a yellow arrow and Download Programs. I click on that. This takes me to WriteTheScoop.com - I do not see a list of programs that I would be interested in using. I was looking for some kind of business software, LIke Excel or Word. Can someone help me get to a list of programs like this?

I currently have Microsoft’s office. I copied Excel to U3 and every time I try to access it, it keeps telling me I have a missing file or it is corrupted.

Can someone help me.

Thanks in advance, Ralphie24