TV not recognizing Extreme 900

I got this 2TB scanDisk extreme 900 and I understand it has two SSDs in RAID 0 requiring 10W, 2 Amp for working, but when I plug it in my TV (Vizio with USB 3.0) my TV cant find the drive. Now it could be that my vizio TV USB 3.0 does not give enough power, so I powered up a very old laptop and connected it to USB 2.0 that definitely does not give enought power but my computer still sees it. 

Knowing that TVs can read NTFS and FAT 32 for sure (since I have drive with both systems that work on that TV) I formatted my ExFAT into NATFS - no luck still wouldnot read, then tried FAT 32 still no luck TV still wont read.

Any other options I can try before I return this drive?

even though the 900 is working on a USB 2 port (honestly surprised by that) this is likely a power issue with the TV. Possibly the TV OS or FW does not work with RAID 0 drives. Either way if your main use case is for additional storage with the TV you may want to return the drive and get a single drive external ssd or hdd.  

One last option you chould choose befor ecalling support is checking the USB support of TV. If it is OSX  Extended then use this procedure to format the drive.

Try it once.

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