trying to use ultra II in Toshiba Satellite L305D


I hope this is the fight forum.

I bought an Ultra II 240 GB recently, and I am trying to use it in my Toshiba Satellite L305D notebook, as the boot HD.

My old drive is dead, so I could not do a data clone.

When using utility products that start via the CD-rom, the drive is visible and formattable.

However, when I insert my XP install disk and it begins to load files from the CD, after a short time the computer goes to the blue screen where it says that it has shut down XP to prevent damage.

Am I supposed to be providing the install program with a sandisk driver? I can’t find this driver on sandisk’s pages.

The material seems to be mostly for people who have a working operating system that is already able to run programs.

To make things worse, my internet access is severely limited right now. I could really use some help from this forum.

Thanks much.

Fletcher V

the SATA drviers are native to the operating system so there is no need for drivers from sandisk. What are the error code from the BSOD?