Trying to recover lost video MOV video file after formatting micro SD card 32 gb class 10

On the 30th April I picked up a motor accident on my dash cam, I have a 32 gb class 10 micro sd card int he dash cam.

I have been told to format the card every month or so. After saving the video file to my hard drive I formatted the sd card accordingly at the end of the month 30th April and didn’t think much more about it and continued to use the card in my dash cam for the month of May. I then got a call from the person involved int he accident asking about the footage which I had told them i had at the scene (I was behind the accident and picked it up well on my dash cam).

But when I went to check my hard drive it isn;t there and at the time I was in a hurry so I didn’t actually save it to my hard drive.

However it was on the Sd card before i formatted it…I’ve tried recuva and a few other programs claiming to recover lost files which were present before the format and all they pick up is video files taken as far back as 9th May which is after the end of April format.

Can I recover what was recorded before the format a month ago? If so how and what program, I have recovered some Raw files but can’t open them.

Any help would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you tried Card Data Recovery tool? If not then try it for once, it will definately going to rsetore your deleted, lost or erased MOV files from your SD card. Read this Recover MOV files from SD Card before you use card data recovery tool.

Hope this will help you!

Here’s how you recover lost videos from a formatted micro SD card - recover videos from formatted sd card

Good news! You can easily recover lost videos from MOV video after formatting micro SD card. All that you’ll need is a micro SD card recovery tool… Here’s how you do it - recover videos from formatted sd card

i have been using this software from long time you can use it, excellent software to recovery any files. 



I think you should try some good Mulimedia recovery software. SanDisk has one too, try it. If that doesn’t work, resort for Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (works for videos too) or EaseUs.
Let me knkow which one works for you.