Transferring Pattern Files to my Embroidery Machine?

I guess this is rather a strange question and to help you understand my requirements/expectations, I’ll describe my present arrangemnt.

I have an embroidery machine with a USB connection for loading files into the embroidery machine for stitching. So, I create the patterns on my computer and in order to get them to the embroidery machine I have to walk across the shop, take the USB memory stick out. rerurn to my computer and copy the pattern file onto the memory stick. I then have to return the USB memory stick to the embroidery machine, insert it and load the pattern into the machine. I create many patterns and find myself continually trekking back and for :slight_smile:

So now I have the Sandisk Wireless 64Gb USB Stick.

My question.
Can I leave the Sandisk Wireless stick in the embroidery machine and transfer the patterns wirelessly to it from my PC?

I purchased the Sandisc wireless hoping I might be able to automate my process a little but, if it doesn’t work it’s no problem as I’ll definately have a use for it :slight_smile:



Short answer is no you will not be able to do that. The controller in the wireless stick only supports a single access to the storage at a time. If it is connected via the USB connector it will mount on the device as a MSC (mass storage class) device. When it is connected via MSC you will not have WiFi access to the storage. this works vise versa as well. If you are connected via WiFi you will not be able to connect via MSC. 

Thanks for the info. It’s a shame I won’t be able to do as I wished but I’ll still use the stick for other purposes :slight_smile:

Interstingly I copied pattern files to the root of the device and then inserted it into the USB port on the embroidery machine BUT, I was unable to access the stick from the embroidery machine! I didn’t expect this as ordinary storage sticks work just fine!

Again, thanks.


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