Transfer of large files

This has nothing to do with my Fuse, but this is the only forum I’ve used so I hope somebody can help me. I have some movies on my computer hard drive that are over 4GB. I’m trying to transfer them to an external hard drive but a window pops up and tells me the file is too large to move. I’m using a USB cord, but I also tried an SD card… same problem. Is there a way to move my files?

move this to the off topic forum. There are a ton of info you are missing so when you move your post inlcude operating System, service pack and exact methods tried.

ok, thanks

I would guess that the drive the file currently resides on is NTFS and the external drive is formatted with FAT32. Convert the external drive to NTFS and you’ll be able to save files larger than 4GB. 

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Do I need to delete this thread? or is it possible?

Nah don’t worry about it. But this is just not the place for that conversation.