Things to know before contacting SanDisk Technical Support

SanDisk is proud to offer world wide support services for the wide  variety of  its  products that are available in today's market.
There are certain pieces of information a user can be sure to obtain, prior to contacting Techincal Support or Customer Service. This is in order to ensure a timely and accurate response.
To obtain information in order to contact us or view the hours of operation, please visit the Technical Support Contact page. E-mails may also be submitted to Ask a Question 
In order to better assist you, please have the following information ready prior to calling or via E-mail to Ask a Question 
  1. First and Last Name
  2. E-mail address: Used for support purposes only. This address is not sold, nor used for marketing or sales purposes.
  3. Contact number: Should the call be disconnected for any reason we would be more the happy to call you back.
  4. Model Type: Such as Sansa Connect, e200R, e200, etc. Specific models such as e280R, e250 are also acceptable.
  5. Model Number: Typically located in the battery compartment in our line of Mp3 players. This code is generally a combination of letters and numbers.
  6. Summary of issue at hand: This can be a small summary of the particular issue at hand. For example, my e200 is not detected my computer in mtp mode. The more accurate the issue at hand, the quicker steps in troubleshooting process can begin. Prior troubleshooting on the device is encouraged, relaying the results of your troubleshooting to the Technical Support Representative will also speed up the process.
If you have previously contacted SanDisk, please provide your prior Case / RMA ID number. If you are unable to recall this information, cases can also be viewed via E-mail address or telephone.

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