The first 19 songs that come on the Sansa Fuze?

Does anyone have a clue of this please? There is one song that I really like alot! It is bugging me and I deleted all of them and want the one song back. I think it was in the last ten songs on the 19 songs:neutral_face:

Is everyone dead =/ Please I have been searching for about 2 hours

Patience is a virtue. If you wait awhile, someone is sure to answer you. If it gets pushed to page 3 or 4, then “bump” it to page one (as in, reply to your own message with the word “bump” and explain that it was on page 3 or 4).

if i knew which song, i would email it.but have wiped out some songs. which one please

I know the Genre is Alternative out of the new songs  and the only one of the 19 that was in the Alternative category. Not any other type of alternative just plain alternative. I think if I can remember the album cover had alot of orange in it. There is a girl singing mostly until near the end when a guy jouns in.

Loquat -  It’s Yours To Keep ?

Thank you so much! =D I got the artist but I am not sure if thats the song but thats ok

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The entire list of 19 songs that came with my Fuze:

Alias & Ehren/Lillian/Cobbelstoned Waltz
Andrew Paul Woodworth/Single/Starting To Turn
Chris Clouse/Single/Mona Lisa
Felonious/Up To Something/The Music
Franc D’Ambrosio/Single/Danny Boy
Gretchen Lieberum/Siren Songs/You Closer
Kevin Carlberg/When The Muse Visits/Morning After
Loquat/It’s Yours To Keep/Swingset Chain
Los Pinguos/Single/Fumaza
Recliner/Single/Leaving Hollywood
Red Thread/Ship in the Attic, Birds in the Subway/Wax Museum
Stroke 9/Cafe Cuts/Little Black Backpack
Stroke 9/Cafe Cuts/Next Time
The Caroline Movement/West By God/Highway Appeal
The Jones Gang/Single/Angel
The Procession/Single/Major & Minor
The Shanghai Restoration Project feat. Amos Winbush/The Shanghai Restoration Project/Babylon of the Orient
The Slip/Single/Even Rats
Umphrey’s McGee/Safety In Numbers/Women Wine and Song

This is listed as Artist/Album/Song, although I assume the albums called ‘Single’ aren’t the genuine album title. So the Loquat track is called Swingset Chain from the album It’s Yours To Keep, for example.

The song you’re looking for is “Highway Appeal” by a Country/Alt group called THE CAROLINE MOVEMENT.

RHAPSODY has this.

I’m sure after 4 years the OP will sleep much easier with this information. That is, if he ever logs back in to see your post. He hasn’t up to now.