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Have I understood correctly that CF cards can only work in PC Card ATA memory or I/O modes when connected to PCMCIA/Cardbus? (True IDE mode is only available when connected to an IDE/PATA?)

Also, I have seen more and more modern CF cards report as fixed devices (IDENTIFY DEVICE reply word 0 bit 7=0, bit 15=044Ah) when connected to IDE, and read that some controllers sense the connection type and switch to fixed mode when on a real IDE/ATA interface. Can you confirm if this is done by Sandisk CF cards? If yes, is this switch done by the same logic that switches between PC card and True IDE modes? (-OE / -ATA SEL signal)

This information will be forwarded to driver developers for classic (retro) operating systems for improving support for CF and SD cards over both IDE and PCMCIA.

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