sync / drag and drop problems - sdhc faulty?

Hi, can someone help and give me a bit of advise please.

I recently bought a 4gig Clip + and have a 32gb sdhc card also. I have about 11gig of Mp3s that I want to sync with the sd card.

I have updated my media library in media player and made sure that there are no other copies of tracks anywhere else on my laptop. My lap top has no problem “seeing” my clip’s internal and external memory. When I start the sync with the sd card, all is ok to start with but after about 200 songs (approx) I start getting the error “Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct.”. From then on nearly all tracks error. However, they all go onto my clip’s internal memory without trouble, but obliviously there isn’t enough room on there. I can play all the tracks directly from my lap top.

I’ve tried changing the USB mode, dragging and dropping and also using a converter to put the sd card directly into my laptop but nothing seems to work. It’s totally random too, if I clear down the card them try again, it’s different tracks that error.

I’ve also formatted the card using media player but then it calculates that the card will be full after sync which can’t be right.

Could it be that my card is faulty?? Help! :cry:

A couple of initial thoughts. (1) Have you tried reformatting the card under Windows (as vs. WMP) and starting from scratch? You might want to use the SD Association’s own formatter tool–it seems to be able to fix things that Windows itself can’t. (2) I don’t use WMP and/or its sync option–they just confuse me. How about if you simply copy and paste (or drag and drop) the songs, using Windows Explorer, from the folder they are stored in on your computer to the Clip’s Music folder–does that work?

Oh, and as to USB modes: I’d keep the Clip’s USB mode (under settings) set to MSC. It just is less problematic than the alternate, MTP mode (or the Auto setting, which can flip between MTP mode (its default) and MSC mode, depending on a computer’s capabilities). Having said that, if you use DRM’ed files (Audible, WMA protected content, some library files), you’ll need to set to MTP (or Auto)–MSC mode will not handle content protected by digital rights management.