Stuck showing "Reading" or "Building Database"

I  just started putting music on my Express but now the device is stuck.  When it’s connected to my computer the screen on the MP3 keeps flashing with the word “Reading” and the two images (MP3 and computer) are not connected.  When I unplug from the computer and turn the MP3 on, the screen shows 'Building Database" then screen goes blank. I can’t get past that screen at all.

This unit is getting VERY CLOSE to going back to the store!!



I got the same prob too as I removed it from my laptop…

I did a hard reset, press and hold Select button (square button in the middle) + volume up (+) button and it works again.

This is the 2nd prob i encountered so far… first one was tat i couldnt switch on, only showing logo before gg totally blank. It has since been resolved after I inserted a SD card… and now this prob… i hope there wont be a 3rd problem.