Strange Micro SD Card problem win7 64Bit


Laptop: Dell inspiron n5110

OS: Win7 64Bit

Internal Card Reader: Realtek RTS5138

I have an assortment of Micro SD cards and a micro SD card adapter.

These work fine on my other 3 laptops.


When i put them in my dell i get this:

Then i get this:

Then this:

 I thought the card reader was faulty but it is seeing the sd card…

The thing is… the card reader reads this card fine…

All help / ideas / suggestions, welcomed and appreciated.




in that case the adapter seems to be defective so you can replace it with a new one and see if the same issue occurs with it also.

I’m laughing as I had the same problem with a Sandisk micro SD adapter. The slider on the adapter slips to the write protect setting as it is inserted into the card reader. Solution? Tape the slider in place with a small piece of scotch tape.

Perhaps instead of tape, you should glue the slider in the non protected setting with a very small amount of glue. With tape, there is always the chance the tape comes off, and gets stuck in the card reader. if you use a bit of glue on the adapter, make sure the glue is dry before putting the adapter into the reader.

If that is what is happening im gonna be mad and slightly embarrassed…

I actually pulled my laptop apart to see if it was a connection Issue… :confused:

I’ll get back to you ASAP!


Nope that didn’t work…

The adapter works on my other 3 laptops…

Just can’t work it out… :confused: